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Schwartz Media Strategies is a Miami based public relations firm with additional offices across South Florida. The company builds, strengthens, and protects brands through media strategy and creative storytelling. They are the preeminent public relations firm and have a well-known brand in south Florida, but now, for numerous reasons, there is an influx of companies moving their offices to South Florida and may not be familiar with Schwartz Media Strategies. The story they want to tell these traveling businesses is that with Schwartz Media Strategies by their side, there’s nothing to worry about.

Schwartz Media Strategies came to Buena Vista with the idea of a new hero for their homepage. They wanted to tap into the trend in search engine queries of questions relocating businesses had. The answer to those questions was not anywhere else on the internet than on

Buena Vista used motion graphics to depict the searches and then using markup and code transitioned the graphics into a beautiful video montage of Florida. The website’s three main navigational buttons appear to take the user to the section of Schwartz Media Strategies’ offerings that interest them most.


Schwartz Media Strategies |


May 2021


The idea of the hero is engaging, but the challenge of timing and having such a video-heavy piece perform well on mobile devices took careful consideration. To never allow the search animation to seem to stall, the animation text flies in and quickly disappears to allow for multiple searches to be done before the dissolve to South Florida video. Instead of using Lottie File JSON animation, Buena Vista was able to compress the video and code the delivery in a way to allow for seamless playback for a user on any type of network. The added challenge was to not brand the searches under any specific search company, but also with the brand in mind, make the animation inherently part of Schwartz Media’s current brand and website.


The end result is a thirty-second hero that sets Schwartz Media Strategies apart from its competition in Florida or anywhere in the world. The hero is a welcoming and vibrant introduction to the website and the offerings of Schwartz Media Strategies. A relocating business can find a new welcoming home in South Florida and a new loyal partner for their public relations in Schwartz Media Strategies.