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Gencom is a well-known U.S.-based investment firm that specializes in luxury real estate, hotels, resorts, and branded residential properties. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Gencom sought to enhance its marketing efforts with the help of Buena Vista Creative. Together, we developed three unique deliverables to elevate their client engagement and marketing efforts.

What we did:

  • Newsletter Design & Development
  • Email Signature with Generator
  • Reusable Social Media Templates

newletter in iphone
Newsletter in tablet

Elevating Client Engagement with Visually Stunning Newsletters:

At Buena Vista Creative, we know that newsletters are a valuable tool to engage with clients and prospective clients. That’s why we developed a visually stunning newsletter for Gencom to distribute through Constant Contact. This newsletter features the latest news, updates, and insights into the luxury real estate and hospitality industries. By utilizing our expertise in content creation and design, we helped Gencom stay top-of-mind and relevant in a highly competitive market.

Custom-Coded Email Signature Generator for Consistency:

In today’s digital age, email communication is crucial for any business. We developed a custom-coded email signature generator for Gencom that made it easy for their team to create a consistent, professional email signature across all communication channels. This simple yet powerful tool not only saved time but also ensured a cohesive brand image across all channels of communication.

Reusable Frame Template for Social Media Consistency:

Through the development of a striking newsletter, custom-coded email signature generator, and reusable social media frame template, we successfully enhanced Gencom’s marketing efforts with cohesive branding. With visually stunning newsletters and consistent email signatures, Gencom’s team can easily stay top-of-mind with clients and prospective clients alike. The reusable social media frame template adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to Gencom’s social media presence, further amplifying its brand’s messaging. These custom marketing solutions have not only made Gencom’s marketing efforts more efficient but also more impactful, ultimately driving greater engagement and results for the brand.